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MT5 Version Now Available!

I am proud to announce the completion of Flex EA for MT5! It only took 300+ hours to convert it over the past few months  Confused but with it comes some big improvements Big Grin

This update is free for all users that have the x2 package, Correlated Hedge package or upgrade, or Diamond package from years ago. You will see it now available in your members area!

If you only have the basic $330 x1 MT4 package, you will need to upgrade for the price difference of $165 in your members area to access this MT5 version and you will gain a 2nd license in the process.

The biggest difference you will see is visually with the on chart display

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2216]

Status: Whether Flex is setup correctly and ready to trade. If this is red and not green, it will indicate the error of why Flex is not ready to trade like the EndingTradeDay is triggered, AutoTrading is turned off, automated trading is not allowed, stopout recently happened and trading is temp paused etc..

TP: This will automatically change based on your TP parameters, but generally most set files are using EquityTrail, and when its triggered you will see the first 0.00% value change to the SL, and middle green 0.00% will be the current profit, and the last value will be the TP high. Basically works the same way as MT4 does but visually different and adapts to other TP that might interfere with the EquityTrail. Like if you set the Floating TP PCT below the EquityTrail, it will see that and show your TP as the Floating TP PCT instead of the EquityTrail.

Trade Filters/Indicators: This is the biggest change visually and one of the things that took the most time to complete. Any indicator that you turn on, will appear here. Anything that is green means its ready to trade. You will see the UseRSi has a green Sell, which means based on your UseRSi settings, the price is in an over bought area and is ready to sell. However Flex still won't trade because the PinPatterns is also on but both buy and sell are grey which means its not ready. Once the PinPatterns Sell turns green, and assuming everything else is still green then it would trade, but only if there is no major news recently or incoming (if you have the news filter on). This will also be true for VirtualTrading where it will show the accuracy numbers you are used to, but this particular strategy does not use VirtualTrading as you can see. I do plan on implementing this on MT4 over the coming weeks!

News Filter: I had to completely develop a news filter from scratch for MT5, but it ended up being a very good thing. Not only does it no longer require an indicator file as I have it built into Flex EA MT5, but it can also be backtested! It pulls the calendar straight from MT5, and saves it to a csv for each currency pair. But the only way to get it to do this is to attach Flex to a live chart, and set the StartingDate (at the very bottom of Flex settings) to at least a month before where you want to start backtesting from. It will then download all the news for that currency pair from that starting date to csv, and then when you go to backtest it will look for the .csv and read all the news from it while backtesting. Note: if you are not backtesting, you do not need to edit the StartingDate, it will automatically pull news from the current time accordingly.

There is also countless performance upgrades that were implemented and or inherently gained, and with the far superior backtesting capabilities of MT5 being multi-threaded with news filter, expect some exciting new set files coming your way for 2021 Smile

All MT4 .set files are compatible with MT5, and there is one new unique MT5 set file included.

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Thanks Steve.
Great work.
Thumbs Up 
Great Work Admin Steve

As Usual you follow your WORK 100%

Thanks for your time and EFFORT to GIVE US the BEST RESULTS
Thank you very much Steve, I noted just a little difficulty to read clearly the dashboard,cause the overlaying of the vertical lines of the news. I miss some setting to overcome to this?
(12-01-2020, 09:41 PM)flyingfx Wrote: Thank you very much Steve, I noted just a little difficulty to read clearly the dashboard,cause the overlaying of the  vertical lines of the news. I miss some setting to  overcome to this?

Scroll to very bottom of settings, turn off ShowNewsLines.
ok thanks!
Good stuff. Does the backtesting account for virtual trading as well?
hello everyone! this is an extremely well news, Steve to the TOP!
It's since the very first day (from the release) I'm using MT5 version and I prefer it A LOT. So I tried to test it on my VPS on a demo account with HalfGrid strategy and default settings.
I followed the instruction aabout installation, then I dragged and dropped the EA on every charts, selecting Half Grid as Strategy.
It traded only eurusd and, in 2 days,it opened something like 600 trades, everyone a losing one. -99% in 2 days.
see attatchment (Report MT5). Probably I did something wrong, but I don't understand what. 
It is 6 month I use Flex on 2 live account, w/o these strange results.

Another thing is about backtesting.
I compared the very same strategy I'm working on (BB+RSI MTF, no VTs), Mt4 vs Mt5. the results are similar ,but DD!
see attachments

In wich one do we have to believe?
the next week I started a live test to see differences

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.xlsx   Report History.xlsx (Size: 235.38 KB / Downloads: 55)
Thanks Steve,
However there seems to be an issue with the MT5 flex variant in today trades are placed until the broker can except no more positions. The max trades variable is being ignored. I am using a parameter file copied from 4.95i MT4 platform.
Thanks for all the hard work.

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(12-04-2020, 12:12 PM)superflic Wrote: Please Steve, take a look at the stochastic indicator. It seems to turn green both sell and buy if the parameters are reached. In the event that the parameters are not met, buy and sell are both in grey. Thanks

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