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Porting Existing Flex EA over to New System

Hi, Steve/respondents,

We are working on porting an existing Flex EA/MT4 system over to a new system running several VM's with several MT4 instances open.

We have a few questions...
  • Can we port an existing Flex EA/MT4 with open trades over?  Or should we shut the trades down/allow them to close first? I.e. once trades closed then disable Flex EA on the chart etc and re-enable on the new machine.
  • Can we use the same Flex EA license for a new instance (different broker account) or should we purchase a new license for this?
  • Can several MT4 instances be open on a single machine running different accounts? (not Flex EA related, appreciated).

Many thanks for any advice, help, and tips in advance.

1- You can't port open trades, you will need to close them all and start fresh in the new broker.

2- You can use the same FlexEA in any new broker, but one license will only allow one account. You can that in your member page when you log-in.

3- Yes they can, just install to different folders.

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