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v4.90 Beta Release

Been awhile since the last update, this is a big one so please please please test on demo first! Please post any questions or bugs in this thread.

All new beta accounts and set files here:

.zip   Forex-Flex-EA v4.95i (Size: 497.1 KB / Downloads: 263)

4.95i Changes

-Added separate timeframe selector for RSi Slope
-Fixed an issue with Fullgrid not always trading both directions
-Fixed CloseBasketAfterXmins not working on baskets bigger than 1 trade
-Fixed an issue with UseSR and TradeSR
-Fixed an issue with CloseTradesBeforeMarketClose
-Fixed an issue with Global_Filters not working properly under certain circumstances
-Updated RSi Scalper set files to v2
-Updated Stoch RSi Close set files to v2

4.95 Changes

-CheckSpreadForAdditionals=true now default setting instead of false
-Added separate timeframe option for EMA2
-Added separate timeframe and RSI Period option for RSI Close function
-Early stages of bitcoin code implementation internally
-CloseBasketAfterXmins now works with OnlyCloseInProfit
-DynamicAdditionals now works with waitfornext bar and waitforendofbar
-Few fixes for UseSR and TradeSR functions
-Fixed trades still being able to open after CloseTradesBeforeMarketClose
-Improvements to Stochastic indicator
-Improvements to TDI Indicator
-Fixed some WaitForRSi_Exit issues

4.93 Changes

-Fixed Max_Charts not working properly
-Fixed ADRDynamic strategy not setting RealTakeProfit on the 1st trade
-Added adrRealStopLoss multiplier
-Fixed PauseAfterStopOut not working with DollarSL

4.90 Changes:

-AddToSL setting added, works the same as AddToTP
-WaitForEndOfBar setting added
-NewMM added option to select to use the default original MM calculation or the new MM calculation, NewMM should be used for gold, silver, anything that isn't forex!
-WaitForNewDirectionAfterStopout, if your DD_Stoploss PCT is hit by a buy basket, it will not allow another until a sell basket has opened and closed. This helps prevent continuing to open losing baskets against a trend with certain strategies.
-UseNewTrailingStop added, this is a highly sensitive pip based trailing SL that will modify your trades RealStopLoss everytime the price moves further away from your SL. There is no step, it is tick based so as long as price is continuing to move away from your SL it will continue to modify the SL up to break even and then beyond. *NOTE* some brokers may not like the amount this modifies orders!
-Fixed the original TrailingStop to work properly with Buy orders, previously it would not trail as much as it could have if spread/slippage was an issue.
-CustomSupport and CustomResistance added, setting these to anything other than 0.00000 will activate them instead of Flex looking for the S&R itself.
-CheckRSiSlope & RSiSlope added which will look at the slope of the last two bars worth of RSI on the current time frame and see if RSI is increasing or decreasing by the RSiSlope amount for each bar.
-Added LossPCT and ProfitPCT for OnlyCloseAtLoss and OnlyCloseInProfit for the indicator closures so you can set the percentage based on account balance.
-Added CloseBuyAboveRSi and CloseSellBelowRSi settings to add more flexibility instead of using the same RSi values for entries. These are based off whatever timeframe 2
-Added a CloseInProfit on/off toggle for the CloseTradesBeforeMarketClose function
-Added Global_Filters true/false toggle which will make the currency pair filters count ALL open trades across all magic numbers if turned on.
-Added CloseAbovePCT true/false toggle for the CloseBasketBeforeNews function so you can decide whether or not to close only profitable baskets before news.
-Added UseCandleStickPattern true/false toggle which is the first implementation of detecting bull/bear pins and hammers. You will see a whole new section of settings for this just before the indicator closure settings. There you can fine tune the exact type of candles you want to look for.
-Adjust SR indicator to be based of body open/close instead of wick high/low
-Fixed some issues with session filters
-Fixed some issues with EquityTrail closing trades too early
-Fixed DynamicEQTP to work with allCharts
-Fixed CloseTradesBeforeMarketClose to work with the set Ending Trade Day for those setting it earlier than Friday.
-Fixed the on/off button to not allow additional trades in a basket if turned off.

.zip   Forex-Flex-EA v4.95i (Size: 497.1 KB / Downloads: 263)

Attached Files
.zip   Forex-Flex-EA v4.91 (Size: 463.05 KB / Downloads: 410)
.zip   Forex-Flex-EA v4.93 (Size: 464.73 KB / Downloads: 238)
.zip   Forex-Flex-EA v4.95 (Size: 493.29 KB / Downloads: 136)
Cant wait to start backtesting with all these new goodies! Thanks Steve!
Keep up the good work! Will give it a shot at demo first Smile

Can you have a look at these 3 items:

1) Tried to backtest the new EMA v3 this morning on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURGBP. All pairs returned with an error saying: 'testing pass stopped due to a critical error in the EA.' 

2) I tried to backtest the new Default+TDI. No errors, but no trades were executed for any of the above 6 pairs. No warnings or errors in chartdisplay (maxADR, maxspread seem fine) 

3) Lastly, what leverages are these two set files (EMA/DefaultTDI) tailored to?
1) Can you copy paste the error? It usually has the line of code at fault in brackets.

2) Let me check this, what timeframe did you try?

3) 1:500
(04-22-2020, 03:45 PM)Admin Steve Wrote: 1) Can you copy paste the error? It usually has the line of code at fault in brackets.
    See attached

2) Let me check this, what timeframe did you try?

3) 1:500

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Fixed both issues, please grab 4.91
(04-22-2020, 04:56 PM)Admin Steve Wrote: Fixed both issues, please grab 4.91

Awesome, will try later tonight.
Thank you Steve. I will try its
(04-22-2020, 06:53 PM)mrclic Wrote: dear rjmjanssen,



See attached. Tested on H4, 1:200, 2018-10-26 through 2019-10-26. Please clear this thread and continue over DM or a separate topic.

Attached Files
.zip   EMA (Size: 110.09 KB / Downloads: 49)

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